Western Wealth Communities rental criteria below outline the policies for this community regarding standards that may be required by each applicant to be approved for residency. WWCo operates in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act, as well as all state and local fair housing and civil rights laws. We do not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sex, familial status, handicap, disability, veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state, and/or local laws.

All people eighteen (18) years and older must apply for residency and sign the lease as a leaseholder. An application fee of $50.00 is required per person. Application and Administrative or Holding fees of $200.00 are considered non-refundable. All Application fees are due to be paid in full before any application will be processed and considered for occupancy.

  • Application forms must be filled out completely, legibly, and include the following:
  • Social Security Number, TIN or I-20
  • Complete Rental History
  • Current Income Information
  • Current Employment Information
  • Permission to Obtain Credit Report
  • Permission to Obtain Rental Verification Agreement

This criteria is a guideline used along with other qualifying criteria listed and is not assumed to be the sole deciding factor of application result status.


The following information will be verified through the applicant screening process:


  • Residential History
  • Credit Payment History
  • Eviction Court Records
  • Collection Account History
  • Judgment Court Records
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Criminal Background

By applying, the applicant is expressly consenting to the collection of all information related to the fields listed above and landlord obtaining consumer credit reports to evaluate the application.


A state or government-issued photo ID or another national government-issued document from the country of origin that establishes identity must be presented at the time of application.


Monthly income must be equivalent to two and a half (2.5) times the net effective rental rate. Income for roommates can be combined to meet the requirement. We are partnered with Snappt, the leading income verification system used to verify income documents. Snappt is an easy-to-use and secure program that streamlines the application process and ensures rental qualifications are met accurately while adhering to equal housing standards for verifying income. Income verification documents are only accepted in PDF format.

  • Must have at least six (6) months of consecutive, verifiable employment history, or in the event of less employment history, a higher deposit may be required and
  • Must provide four (4) most current, consecutive pay stubs or
  • Official letter of acceptance or new hire contract from verifiable employer showing base salary amount, and employment status (hourly, salaried, part-time, or full-time) and provide current statements demonstrating six (6) month’s rent on deposit from a financial institution.
  • If self-employed, a copy of the previous two year's tax return, 1099 or W-2 forms or
  • Bank Statements (3) most current, consecutive statement demonstrating six (6) month’s rent on deposit or
  • Official statements of additional income from Social Security, pensions, disability, child support, 1-20, trusts, or other income sources and must be verifiable and documented from issuing institutions.

Photographs or screenshots are not accepted as valid documentation. Any deficiency in income verification history may result in a higher deposit, request for guarantor, or denial.


  • Must have six (6) months positive, verifiable rental history, or in the event of less rental history, a higher deposit may be required.
  • Any evictions recorded over the most recent three (3) year period could result in a higher security deposit or denial.
  • Any open landlord collection accounts over the most recent three (3) year period could result in a higher security deposit or denial and is dependent on external credit evaluation and overall results.
  • Dismissed or satisfied landlord debts with payment verification will be excluded from this calculation.

Photographs or screenshots are not accepted as valid documentation. Any deficiency in rental history may result in a higher deposit or denial.


Credit payment history is considered acceptable when:

  • Credit history contains few late payments on accounts, and collection accounts are low in the most recent twenty-four (24) month period and
  • Any existing rental-related collection account(s) can provide proof of payment or current payment plan in place within the previous three (3) year period.
  • Any Eviction / Civil Records must indicate proof of debt payment or current payment plan in place on any eviction filing(s) occurring within the previous three (3) year period.
  • Judgment Court Records must indicate paid rental-related judgments within the previous three (3) year period.
  • Bankruptcy Records must not contain active Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 within the previous two (2) year period and must be dismissed at the time of application.
  • Photographs or screenshots are not accepted as valid documentation. Any deficiency in credit history may result in a higher deposit or denial.


Applicants with a criminal background that includes a felony conviction, a drug conviction, (misdemeanor or felony), an aggravated assault conviction, (misdemeanor or felony), or a criminal conviction which threatens the welfare or health, and safety of the community may be denied for residency. Misdemeanor crimes of a violent nature, if one (1) or more occurring over the most recent five (5) year period, could be cause for automatic denial.

Management reserves the right to accept or decline an applicant based on criminal activity. Applicants who wish to provide additional information related to any criminal conviction that the applicant believes should be considered as part of the application process are encouraged to submit that information at the time of the application. Applicants may, alternatively, submit that information upon notification of a denial in the pursuit of an appeal of the initial application decision.


Co-signers are not allowed. Guarantors are permitted only to guarantee timely payments of all monetary obligations of the lease and any extension thereof.

  • Lessee may have a guarantor to meet income qualifications, provided the lessee does not meet the monthly income requirements of the lease.
  • Guarantors have no access to the apartment unit and are not lease signers.
  • Guarantors' monthly income must be equivalent to four (4) times the net effective rental rate.
  • Guarantors must sign the Guarantor Addendum at the time of application.


Studio = 3 occupants / One Bedroom = 3 occupants / Two Bedrooms = 5 occupants / Three Bedrooms = 7 occupants


Pets are allowed but are subject to policies and restrictions. Please request all information from the Property Manager before applying. All applicants agree to register pets through before move-in.

A maximum of 2 pets (two) per apartment are permitted with a $500.00 refundable deposit per pet, and a nonrefundable pet administration fee of $300.00 per pet is required at the time of move-in. Monthly Pet rent of $30.00 for the first pet and $45.00 for the second pet per month is required. The refundable fees are included if the resident uses the zero-deposit program. All nonrefundable fees are excluded from the zero-deposit program and are due and payable at move-in.

Any pet damage will be the responsibility of the resident and will be charged to the resident's account upon move out. Any pet observed with a resident without proper deposits and fees on account will be subject to an automatic pet fee charge(s).

Assistive animals are exempt from these fees and may require reasonable, verifiable documentation of assistive animal status.

Any falsified application information or use of falsified personal data will result in automatic denial.