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A woman receiving a certificate for free rent at Western Wealth

Spreading Holiday Cheer: Western Wealth Capital’s Rent Free Christmas Initiative


In 2015, Western Wealth Capital embarked on a heartwarming mission that has since become a cherished tradition – Rent Free Christmas. Across the landscape of its more than 50 properties spanning the United States, the program offers a deserving resident or family the gift of free rent for the month of December. As winter blankets the world in festive joy, this program serves as a beacon of hope, brightening the lives of those it touches and nurturing meaningful bonds between residents, team members, and the company itself.

The Rent Free Christmas program encapsulates Western Wealth Capital's commitment to putting people first and fostering a sense of unity within its communities. With a deep understanding of the financial pressures that the festive season can bring, the initiative aims to alleviate the burdens that often accompany this time of year. Janet LePage, CEO and Co-Founder of Western Wealth Capital, underscores the essence of the initiative, sharing, "No parent should ever have to decide between keeping a roof over a child’s head or putting a present under the tree on Christmas Eve, but so many parents do."

As part of Rent Free Christmas, select residents and families who receive this gift are also provided a full Christmas experience complete with an intimate celebration, hand-selected presents, and household essentials. Through this charitable cause, Western Wealth Capital demonstrates its dedication to transforming lives and making a lasting impact, creating cherished memories that carry on well beyond the holiday season.

In a world often marked by uncertainties, the Rent Free Christmas program stands as a testament to Western Wealth Capital's enduring spirit of generosity and compassion. As the tradition continues to flourish, it embodies the spirit of giving and serves as a source of inspiration for others to come together, extend kindness, and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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